Just a Note...

-This comic has been created to have the same format as the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest. Captions should be fairly short and sweet, and frequently take the form of a line of dialog, in quotes, for the character whose mouth is open.
-If you want to see an image larger, simply click on it to view the original.
-Leave your caption as a comment below the post, but first, see "The Rules"!
-Captions will appear once I've read them - I just want to make sure they make some sense, and to keep everything fun and silly and good-natured.

Sewing Machine

There seems to be a lot of violence and confrontation creeping into my comic... I'll have to keep a lid on that!

My proposed caption:
"Drop your feed dogs!"

though I'm not entirely sure if you can lower the feed dogs on an industrial machine.

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