Just a Note...

-This comic has been created to have the same format as the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest. Captions should be fairly short and sweet, and frequently take the form of a line of dialog, in quotes, for the character whose mouth is open.
-If you want to see an image larger, simply click on it to view the original.
-Leave your caption as a comment below the post, but first, see "The Rules"!
-Captions will appear once I've read them - I just want to make sure they make some sense, and to keep everything fun and silly and good-natured.

Of Course I Can Illustrate Your Caption!

If you have a funny caption or idea for a comic floating in your brain and have been hoping for somebody to illustrate it for you, get in touch! Depending on how busy I am*, and whether I think I can draw whatever's in your head, I'd be happy to accept the challenge!

If you would simply like to have someone illustrate your idea, but you're okay with me retaining the rights to my image, I'm happy to do an illustration for free.
If you'd like to own the rights to use the comic for commercial purposes, you'll have to pay me. My rates are pretty reasonable. Either way, feel free to contact me: lookcloselypress [at] yahoo [dot] com.

*sometimes I'm just too busy to take on new projects, and it might happen that I am simply not interested in drawing a given idea, but I'll try and get back to you quickly either way.